Liquid and Dual Fuel Combustion

Combusting Liquids since the 1950’s

The high intensity forced draft burners that form the technological basis of our company today, were quickly applied to incinerate heavy fuel oils. Building on this heavy fuel oil combustion experience, Duiker has supplied burners for liquids ranging from dirty water to liquid sulphur and almost everything in between. Regardless of the preferred type of atomization, the premix design of these burners is excellently suited to mitigate soot or incomplete combustion problems.

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Dual Fuel Combustion for Optimal Results

In some cases we find that the liquid which needs to be combusted, simply does not possess a high enough caloric value. When this occurs a fuel with higher caloric value needs to be added to the system. In some cases a liquid of higher caloric value is added to the process, but sometimes a fuel gas or a combination of fuel gases is preferred. Especially when low caloric value liquids are combusted, the quick and homogenous mixing of this liquid, the fuel(s) and combustion air is crucial. The generation of a small, high intensity and turbulent flame will prevent the generation of excessive emissions and ensure optimal safety and reliability.