About us

What we do

We develop, design and deliver innovative ammonia to hydrogen and ammonia to heat process solution and related equipment for the energy sector.

For decays we develop, design, test and support sulfur recovery process units for refineries.

Finally we trouble shoot combustion and process issues, tackle operational problems, analyse stack emissions and advise on reducing them and process improvements.

Our customers are mainly based in the energy sector of today and tomorrow, mostly related to producing or supplying energy.

What we do

The impact that we have on earth with our solutions

Serving the energy sector, our innovative solutions enable you to convert ammonia to high-purity hydrogen, suitable for fuel cells and process applications, or to heat. 

In other energy sectors, such as oil- & gas industry we serve them with key or critical equipment for their sulfur recovery units and other pollution abatement systems, enabling you to optimise operations and minimise pollutant emissions. As well as turning a waste into a viable product sulfur, used in for example fertilizers, cement or medicines.

Finally, we perform thermal process modelling services,thermal proces optimisation studies and  could measure stack emissions at your site. These services can help you monitor and improve your operations, whilst reducing emissions.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Instead of striving for the lowest CAPEX, we focus on reliable systems with a long life, a minimum of maintenance and unscheduled downtime.
That really adds on to the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Long term partnership

Being a focussed and flexible mid-sized company with highly skilled people means we avoid quick fixes but instead look for long-term solutions and durable partnerships within the value chain.
That is what customer intimacy is all about!

Clean and environment friendly solutions

Our advanced process solutions can help reduce pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions. They minimise plant upsets and exceedance of emissions standards.
In short, these solutions really help improve the environment we all live in!

Custom made solutions

All our engineered solutions are based on modularisation to tailor for your application.
Add-on customisation to suit project specific requirements will result in the best operational performance, eased maintenance features and lifetime support.
That's what really gives you the step ahead!


We’ve got solutions that benefits the world

Duiker thermal process units, systems and services are used throughout the world to prevent emissions of sulfur and other pollutants.

Our ammonia convertors for hydrogen or heat supporting our transition to the hydrogen economy, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Sulfur solutions

Preventing the industry exhausting harmful emissions. Sulfur recovery solutions to ensure effective emissions control and regulatory compliance: acid and fuel gas fired equipment, Stoichiometry-Controlled Oxidation (SCO) and thermal oxidation systems.

Clean energy

Allowing the world to apply clean hydrogen. Scalable ammonia to hydrogen conversion- and ammonia to heat solutions supporting the transition to a hydrogen economy and clean energy, based on years of experience with advanced ammonia combustion technology.

Reducing emissions

Optimise your process, limit your emissions & waste with our technological solutions. Our expert staff  provide monitoring, analysing, (re-) design and simulation services as well as advisory consulting services leading to optimal usage of your installations.

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We always do what we promise. It’s part of our DNA!

We want to contribute in providing that innovative process solution by which your company can make the difference for tomorrow’s world.

Choosing Duiker means working with a technically capable and highly skilled team with a customer oriented focus. Knowledgeable people who take pride in fulfilling their promises.