Sulfur solutions

Duiker are well known experts in designing and delivering key equipment for Sulfur Recovery Units to boost its performance, ensuring effective emission control, regulatory compliance and high quality sulphur. All licensors are convinced of our solutions.


Why sulfur solutions?

We have decades of experience in designing, commissioning, after market services and optimising of key equipment in sulfur recovery units. Both from a mechanical, process- and control point of view.

The range includes acid gas and fuel gas fired equipment, our patented Stoichiometry-Controlled Oxidation units for ammonia-rich combustion, and thermal oxidation units. This reliable technology helps you operate efficiently, within permit conditions.

Every unit is customised to your process by our skilled project team; by applying our process- & mechanical expertise, customized material selection, in compliance with your local certification requirements for optimum performance in years to come.

Meaningful impact on both people and the planet

Duiker technology can help you minimise emissions of sulfur compounds and other pollutants effectively and reliably. This benefits both humans and the wider environment.

Future proof

Changes in your feedstock, processes and regulations may affect sulphur recovery and off gas incineration requirement. Duiker can help you adapt, with process engineering studies, hardware modifications or safety and control updates.

Clean and environment friendly solutions

Around 70 years' experience in Sulfur recovery provide us with an excellent basis for helping you minimise the environmental impact of your operations and creating a valuable feedstock applied in fertilisers to feed the world.

Proven technology, innovative concepts

Our proven proces designs stand out, and our products are really chemical reactors, not simple burners, continuously being developed for sulfur recovery and ammonia/hydrogen applications.


The impact that we have on earth with our sulfur solutions

The earth benefits from emissions abatement. 

Our sulfur recovery systems and emission reduction systems help our customers to reduce pollution, by preventing the world from acid rain and to convert toxic waste into a valuable pure feedstock for fertilisers. Therefore minimise their impact on the planet. 

Partnership for the long term

We have been working with many partners in the sulfur recovery industry for decades, supporting them with proven technology and knowledgeable expertise whenever required.

Bespoke solutions

All our sulfur recovery- and off gas treatment systems are customised to your plant and requirements, based on time-proven designs leading to lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Clean and environment friendly solutions

Our solutions are really making a difference for the world in terms of minimising emissions whilst sulfur recovery installations are recovering the largest sulfur quantities in the world. Valuable sulfur for fertilisers to feed the people.

Lowest total cost of ownership

Our reliable solutions maximise catalyst lifetime, minimise failure or downtime of the sulfur recovery system, therfore avoiding costly production interruptions and unwanted flue gases discharge.

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Sulfur solutions news and other solutions

Sulfur solutions news

Although the role of refineries will change greatly in future, we will continue to support them with our key equipment and services for sulfur recovery systems.

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Clean energy

Allowing the world to apply clean hydrogen. Scalable ammonia to hydrogen conversion- and ammonia to heat solutions supporting the transition to a hydrogen economy and clean energy, based on years of experience with advanced ammonia combustion technology.

Reducing emissions

Optimise your process, limit your emissions & waste with our technological solutions. Our expert staff  provide monitoring, analysing, (re-) design and simulation services as well as advisory consulting services leading to optimal usage of your installations.

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