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Duiker launches the Ammonia-to-Hydrogen Converter

The global demand for renewable energy requires affordable, safe and reliable logistic chains. Ammonia will play a crucial role to produce carbon-free energy competitvely. Once produced under favorable conditions Ammonia, as being an E-fuel, can be transported, stored and converted into Hydrogen for a variety of energy applications. 

The Duiker Ammonia to Hydrogen Converter is thé solution to produce green Hydrogen on an industrial scale with low emmissions and zero Carbondioxide ! It is based on industrially demonstrated technology, provides a high reliability and coversion rates against the lowest OPEX.

Read more under our Latest News or download the brochure from the following link.

Duiker Combustion Engineers

Duiker Combustion Engineers is an engineering company specialized in process combustion solutions. With a rich history in fired equipment dating back to 1919, Duiker has developed to becoming a highly specialised world leader in combustion equipment for the Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU). Since the installation of the first Luynet Multipe Vortex (LMV) Burners at Shell Godorf and Haven in 1961, Duiker rapidly established a sound track record in the global oil and gas industry.

Services and Spare Parts

Duiker Services is a fully owned daughter company of Duiker Combustion Engineers. The company provides specialized services such as: emission and efficiency optimization studies, revamp studies, commissioning, start-up and troubleshooting assistance as well as operator training.

Duiker’s Spares department supports customers worldwide with the supply of spare parts for existing installations.

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Worldwide presence

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  • 1919

    Foundation of Technisch Bureau J. Duiker (Technical Firm J. Duiker)

  • 1937

    Foundation of the Duiker workshop

  • 1942

    J. Duiker en Co’s Fabriek van Apparaten en Werktuigen (J. Duiker and Co. Factory of Machines and Tools) is listed as a joint-stock company

  • 1961

    The First Luynet Multiple Vortex Burners are installed in the sulphur recovery units of the Shell Godorf and Haven refineries

  • 1961

    J. Duiker en Co’s Fabriek van Apparaten en Werktuigen becomes a publicly traded company at the Amsterdam stock exchange

  • 1962

    At the annual general meeting it is decided to change the company name to Duiker Apparatenfabriek (Duiker Machine Factory)

  • 1964

    The design of the Luynet Multiple Vortex Burner is standardized and Shell publishes the Manual for the Design and Construction of LMV H2S Burners and Line Burners

  • 1972

    To handle the large demand for burners Duiker Projekten (Duiker Projects) is founded as a subsidiary of Duiker Apparatenfabriek

  • 1978

    Babcock Contractors Ltd. purchases Duiker Projekten and renames it Babcock Duiker

  • 1985

    Duiker, Goar Allison and Air Products introduce oxygen enrichment to sulphur recovery units through the COPE process

  • 1989

    Laidlaw Drew purchases Babcock Duiker and renames it LD Duiker

  • 2004

    After a management buyout the company is renamed Duiker Combustion Engineers

  • 2009

    Duiker moves to a new office and research facility in Wateringen, The Netherlands

  • 2010

    Duiker develops and sells the first commercial Stoichiometric-Controlled Oxidation (SCO) Unit

  • 2012

    Duiker opens a sales office in Beijing, China

  • 2014

    Duiker Services is founded as an independent daughter company