Clean energy

Duiker’s clean energy solutions support the transition to the hydrogen economy and clean energy. We enable you to convert ammonia to heat or even efficiently back to hydrogen,

Technologies that are based on more than a decade of experience with ammonia.


Why Clean energy?

The energy transition to hydrogen is essential to combat climate change. It presents industry with many challenges but also opportunities. Because hydrogen is difficult & expensive to transport and store, it is often converted to ammonia as a hydrogen carrier.

Our ammonia cracking technology enables you to convert ammonia back to hydrogen and thus allow importing of clean energies. Our solution might be considered a novelty but builds on time-proven designs.

Meaningful impact on both people and the planet

Replacing fossil fuels by hydrogen/ammonia will reduce carbon foot prints and will reduce climate change. This benefits both humans and the wider environment.

Future proof

We have developed the technology underlying our clean solutions for decades, and will continue to do so in the future.

Clean and environment friendly solutions

Duiker enables the use of ammonia as fuel for heat or to convert it towards high quality hydrogen supportive to the energy transition and an economy, based on cleaner technologies.

Proven technology, innovative concepts

Duiker ammonia crackers assist you with the transition to the hydrogen economy, based on technology with a proven record.

What we do

The impact that we have on earth with our clean energy solutions

Our innovative renewable ammonia propositions do make a difference;

They efficiently crack ammonia producing pure hydrogen for other process applications or transportation, which eventually contributes to our household or mobility sectors. Or they apply ammonia as a direct fuel in steam or power generation, the so-called ammonia fuelled boilers.

Therefore we enable our customers to making their transit to a low carbon footprint.

Partnership for the long term

Duiker always takes a long term view, aiming to build lasting relationships with customers and partners, supporting them with proven technology and knowledgeable expertise whenever required.

Bespoke solutions

All our ammonia conversion installations - both cracking this into hydrogen or direct use for heat - have a flexible design, are sized in different capacities and can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Clean and environment friendly solutions

Our solutions are really making a difference for the world in terms of minimising emissions. Duiker clean technologies help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while also avoiding ammonia slip. Valuable energy or energy-carriers to meet peoples' demand..

Lowest total cost of ownership

The lowest marginal costs will make the difference. Our reliable solutions minimise failure or downtime, therfore avoiding costly production interruptions and unwanted flue gases discharge.

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Clean energy news and other solutions

Sulfur solutions

Preventing the industry exhausting harmful emissions. Sulfur recovery solutions to ensure effective emissions control and regulatory compliance: acid and fuel gas fired equipment, Stoichiometry-Controlled Oxidation (SCO) and thermal oxidation systems.

Clean energy news

Renewable Ammonia technology  (ammonia to hydrogen and ammonia to heat) is a rapidly developing area, so do check out our news items regularly.

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Reducing emissions

Optimise your process, limit your emissions & waste with our technological solutions. Our expert staff  provide monitoring, analysing, (re-) design and simulation services as well as advisory consulting services leading to optimal usage of your installations.

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