Reducing emissions

Your license to operate is a valuable thing to maintain. Compliance of fluegas emissions with your permit is of the essence. Being a good “neighbour” by lowering these emissions in the future and protect the environment.


Why Reducing emissions?

Monitoring and controlling remaining emissions is an essential part of operating any process plant. Duiker has the knowledge and special mobile test equipment to take flue gas measurements at your plant.

Our experienced professionals model, analyse and advise you on further options for process optimisation or future flue gas treatment to minimise your plant emissions.

Meaningful impact on both eople and planet

A continuous focus on emission reduction ensures that your plant has the smallest possible impact on people and the environment.

Future proof

Regular emission monitoring can help you identify changes over time and to take measures to minimise emissions and unnecessary jeopardise your license to operate.

Clean and environment friendly solutions

Duiker's emission reduction services could assist minimise pollutant emissions, by CFD modelling and on-site support. This to assist in improving your operations and so assist community relations.

Proven technology, innovative concepts

Regular emission monitoring can detect gradual process changes, and can support effective maintenance planning. Accurate modelling and upgrade services to support future changes in your operations.

What we do

The impact that we have on earth with our reducing emissions solutions

Duiker reducing emissions services can help the energy sector – refineries and other plants – to minimise their emissions, to the benefit of the environment. By measuring, analysing your flue gas emissions and provide recommendations.

We also assist in upgrades by tapping into our expert knowledge and making use of state-of-the-art “in-house” modelling tools.

Partners for the long term

We have been working with many partners in the energy sector, in more particular the sulfur recovery industry for decades. Supporting them and end-users with our expertise to operate, monitor, the equipment performances. For now and in the future.

Bespoke solutions

The long and broad field of experience of our teams brings you a wealth of expertise to assist in montioring or optimising your operations. Even upgrade, revamp your installation for future needs! That's a huge value we could offer you.

Clean and environmental friendly solutions

Emission monitoring is essential to prevent pollution, minimising emmissions and protecting the environment. Additional modelling could add to your further process improvements and energy reduction.

Lowest total cost of ownership

Regular monitoring of operational performance and site-inspections help to identify trends, improve maintenance scheduling, meanwhile timely provide the correct spare parts will help you to minimise the total cost of ownership of your plant.

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Reducing emissions solutions news and other solutions

Sulfur solutions

Preventing the industry exhausting harmful emissions. Sulfur recovery solutions to ensure effective emissions control and regulatory compliance: acid and fuel gas fired equipment, Stoichiometry-Controlled Oxidation (SCO) and thermal oxidation systems.

Clean energy

Allowing the world to apply clean hydrogen. Scalable ammonia to hydrogen conversion- and ammonia to heat solutions supporting the transition to a hydrogen economy and clean energy, based on years of experience with advanced ammonia combustion technology.

Reducing emissions news

Although the role of the energy sector will change greatly in future, we will continue to support them with our key equipment and services. 

Check out the latest news about our emission reduction measurement and consultancy services. 

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