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Core values, ethical principles of company activities

  1. We carry out our company activities reasonably, honestly, and openly.
  2. We offer no bribes, nor shall we condone the offering of bribes in our name for the purpose of achieving business advantage.
  3. We accept no bribes, nor shall we condone these being received in our name to influence business.
  4. We do not do business with others who do not accept our values and thus can damage our reputation.
  5. We undertake proceedings to prevent direct or indirect bribery, and to support and maintain our values.
  6. We maintain clear and up-to-date administration relating to pursuance.
  7. We make sure that all at Duiker, and our business partners, are fully aware of our principles.
  8. We regularly evaluate our programme and processes, and revise them when necessary.
  9. We keep to these principles, even under difficult conditions.
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We always do what we promise. It’s part of our DNA!

Choosing Duiker means working with a technically capable and highly skilled team with a customer oriented focus. Knowledgeable people who take pride in fulfilling their promises.