Ignition Systems

Safe and reliable ignition of combustion processes has always been a challenge within many industrial applications. Where spark plugs are proven concept for combustion engines, plant operators working with burners and other fired equipment often face problems when it comes to ignition of process flows. Back in the days, process operators used mobile pilot burner units for starting up several types of fired equipment. Later on, fixed pilot burners were introduced, creating a much safer working environment for the operator. For many applications, pilot burners are still the preferred solution.

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For more critical processes however, the small chance of a pilot burner failing is still unacceptable. Hand- retractable ignition lances have been used for time, however safety could not be guaranteed. A fixed ignition lance would be the safe solution, introducing a new problem: a burnt ignition tip due to constant exposure to high temperatures.

The solution to the above is Duiker’s pneumatically retractable high energy spark igniter. The device inserts the ignition lance into the combustion zone, produces 1500 V sparks, 20 timers per second. After successful ignition, the pneumatic device retracts the lance concealing it from high temperature zones. the ignition unit ensures safe operation as the lance operates in the closed environment of the vessel, without the operator having to touch the installation. Ignition of the process flow is instant when introduced to the high energy spark, in every possible extreme environment. To illustrate, the unit effortlessly sparks submerged in water.