Multi-fuel Combustion Equipment

Suitable for renewable fuels, operating with high combustion efficiency and low operational costs

Duiker has an extensive portfolio of industrial forced draft burners for process heaters, furnaces and industrial boilers. These burners can be engineered to customer requirements for combustion of gaseous or liquid fuels and are suitable for combustion of fossil fuels as well as renewable fuels like syn-gas, hydrogen, methanol, synthetic hydrocarbons or a mixture of these fuels.

The proven burner designs have been fine-tuned through the years to minimize emissions, capital- and operational costs. All Duiker burner designs generate a high intensity swirl, allowing for an extremely stable turbulent flame, providing excellent performance at low excess air levels. This results in significant reductions in CO2 emissions and operational cost through improved efficiency.

Meeting requirements in a changing landscape

Operators of industrial combustion equipment around the world are faced with higher demands than ever before. The ever-increasing stringency of emissions regulations and efficiency requirements of industrial combustion equipment leads to a re-evaluation of the design parameters both by the designers as well as the suppliers. Although the performance at the rated capacity generally remains the basis of design for industrial combustion equipment, robustness and operational flexibility of operation are more important than ever. Duiker’s proven combustion solution designs allow operators to meet emission and efficiency standards at both maximum as well as turndown load, over the entire lifetime of the installation. Securing the ultimate benefits from these assets.

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