Ammonia combustion equipment

Ammonia: a sustainable, carbon free fuel

High process temperatures can be achieved by combustion of ammonia with Duiker’s patented Stoichiometry-Controlled Oxidation (SCO) technology with low NOx and zero greenhouse gas emissions. Duiker’s SCO technology was first developed to debottleneck Sulphur Recovery Units, but it can also be applied to decarbonize other applications when used for the combustion of ‘green’ ammonia. Green ammonia can be produced from a variety of renewable energy sources, is easily liquefied, stored and transported, making it very suitable as a carbon-free fuel.

Harvesting the full energy potential of ammonia

Although it was developed for the combustion of rich ammonia streams, Duiker’s SCO technology can be operated with a wide range of fuels (ammonia/water mixtures, hydrogen, syngas, hydrocarbons and almost any mixture thereof). Duikers SCO technology does not rely on a de-NOx installation to meet Low-NOx emission standards and does not require the ammonia to be converted to hydrogen before combustion, enabling end-users to harvest the full energy potential of ammonia- or ammonia-containing fuel streams.

Duiker is a member of the Ammonia Energy Association, a non-profit membership organization, whose member companies span the full value chain of ammonia energy, from decarbonized hydrogen and ammonia production, through safety and distribution, to power generation and energy storage. For more information, please visit the Ammonia Energy Association website and our articles regarding ammonia combustion.

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