Renewable fuels

A solution for energy-intensive industries

Many companies and governments are committed to lower the emissions of CO2 with the ultimate goal to eliminate all the emissions of greenhouse gasses (GHG). These commitments fuel the demand for alternative solutions for all fossil energy consuming assets. All industries will have to find a solution to eliminate the GHG-emissions in all their operations to secure their continuity in the future.

Renewable fuels could feed fuel the energy intensive industries which currently operate almost entirely on fossil fuels. Renewable fuels are generated from renewable sources and will not emit any greenhouse gasses, so these fuels are a good solution to eliminate the emission of greenhouse gasses for all processes in the energy intensive industries.

Duiker offers a variety of multi-fuel combustion solutions which are suitable to convert a wide range of (renewable) fuels, into energy for your process needs. This wide range will offer customers a very flexible operation possibility and being ready for any future fuels.

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