Therminal Oxidation Systems

Thermal Oxidation of Tail Gas

Thermal oxidizers or incinerators are quite unique in the sulphur recovery unit since they are the only piece of combustion equipment that operates with excess air. Due to the integration with, for instance, sulphur pit sweep systems and sulphur degasification systems, availability is crucial. Designing with cutting edge technology will ensure that you will never have to face that the choice between safety and availability. Both will be guaranteed.

Oxidation at Optimal Technical and Commercial Conditions

Thermal oxidation systems were conventionally treated and procured as a simple commodity. Operating at high temperatures and with large percentages of excess air in the flue gas, these units were achieving their goals at a very high price. Through reducing the temperature of the unit to the minimum level required to oxidize the specific components present in the tail gas and through minimizing the oxygen percentage in the flue gases to the modern industry standards, huge cost savings are achieved. It is not rare to recover the costs of a new or revamped tail gas oxidation system within two to three years.

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