Industrial Combustion Equipment

Efficiency Improvements and Reduced Costs

Duiker has an extensive portfolio of industrial forced draft burners for process heaters, furnaces and industrial boilers. These burners have been fine-tuned through proven technology to minimize emissions as well as economize design. They apply a high intensity swirl to generate an extremely stable turbulent flame, which in turn provides excellent performance at low excess air levels. This leads to considerable efficiency improvements and a reduction in operational costs.

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Meeting Requirements in Changing Conditions

The demands faced by operators of industrial combustion equipment around the world has never been higher. The increased scrutiny of emissions and efficiencies of industrial combustion equipment leads to a re-evaluation of the design parameters both by the designers as well as the suppliers. Meeting an emission standard or a furnace efficiency requirement during steady state of course remains the basis. However, more and more the robustness and flexibility of the equipment is put to the test. Meeting emission and efficiency standards at 30% capacity or after two years of continuous operation has now become the norm. Through designing burners which premix, we mitigate the risk of coaxing as well as damage of the internals and thus meeting these standards after two years of operation is not just a possibility, but a given.