The Duiker High Capacity Ignition Burner (HiCIB) is a partially premixed, bluff body stabilized burner designed for burning fuel gas with combustion air. The HiCIB is capable of fully stand-alone, sub stoichiometric operation over a large turndown range as well as over stoichiometric operation by introducing excess air through the main burner. The main use of the HiCIB is ignition of the main burner, dry out of the refractory and sub stoichiometric heat up of the main burner.

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The size of the HiCIB is determined by the size of the selected main burner, combined with the thermal power required to heat up the system at an average rate of 25°C/hr, to a temperature of approx. 500°C. After this first stage of the heat up the main burner is started on fuel gas. Fuel gas and combustion air will be fully controlled using control valves and flow meters with flow control loops.

The HiCIB is ignited by a dedicated electronic igniter and is safeguarded by the  flame detectors of the main burner.